Here's Everything You Need To Know About Polycarp's Upcoming Church Wedding

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Polycarp’s Upcoming Church Wedding

Polycarp and mandy
Sauti Sol guitarist Polycarp got married in a traditional wedding ceremony last month but he is yet to hold a church ceremony.

Nowadays, it’s the norm to have both a church wedding and a traditional wedding. This kind of trend is not good for the pockets but it is what it is.  We bet if you are a member of Sauti Sol, money is not a problem

Polycarp Otieno, better known as ‘Fancy Fingers’, is now getting ready to do a church wedding with his long-time Burundian girlfriend Lady Mandy. What’s her real name by the way?

Polycarp Otieno

Last month, Polycarp paid dowry to Mandy’s family in Bujumbura, Burundi then he went on to marry her. He explained:

That is according to the Burundi culture. The one we had in Burundi was big enough and I had everybody that I wanted to see there, but we have to do a church wedding to get church blessings.

So when is it happening Polycarp?

Dates and destination of the wedding are not set yet, although it will be exclusively for family.

Polycarp also educated us on how Burundians hande weddings

There are two clans in Burundi, which speak the same language but each has its own way of doing things. So you pay the dowry after negotiating and agree with the family before the actual date. Then on the actual dates, you meet there. There is a lot of celebrations with music and drums, which they play in a perfect way. Then the groom presents the dowry, which the family either accepts or refuses. All this time, the lady is hidden.

Rumor has it that the church wedding will happen sometime in November.

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