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My European Fiance Dumped Me After Proposing – Pendo

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Ex-Nairobi Diaries star Pendo made headlines when her Caucasian fiance proposed. However, that didn’t last long. The elderly guy left her shortly after.

Pendo has now come out to confirm that the man by the name Joseph Kner did indeed dump her. How sad. Apparently, the guy even went ahead to talk trash about her.

During an Instagram’s Q&A session, Pendo responded to several questions regarding her short relationship with Kner. The two had met online apparently.

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A fan asked “I have seen Bridgo tagging your fiance everywhere with some other chick. Are you guys still together?” To which Pendi responded “Aliniwacha. Kila nyani na starehe zake. Vilinishinda navitakia nini?”

Pendo also addressed the issue of the guy talking ill about her. Apparently, he claimed that Pendo is a cheap woman who was just after his money. She said: “Mambo ya kawaida hayo yasiwastress.”

What happened to long relationships? Engagements, marriages and relationships never last that long nowadays. Someone needs to come up with a diagnosis.

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