“I Need A Child This Year”, Otile Expresses Desire To Be A Father – ZUMI

“I Need A Child This Year”, Otile Expresses Desire To Be A Father

Otile Brown- Zumi
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Nani atajitolea?

Otile Brown badly wants to be a father. We know he’s been called ‘daddy’ behind closed doors (or maybe not) but now he wants to be a real one.

Last year, his ex Vera Sidika revealed how Otile was hellbent on impregnating her. However, he didn’t know that the cunning socialite got a birth control implant just one month after she started dating him.

Otile Brown Mercedes

Source: Niaje

Vera explained her decision saying:

I did it in May this year. And this happened a month after I was in a relationship and was because I wasn’t ready to have a baby with the person that I was dating because I was still trying to get to know them and learn the character very well,

Vera also narrated how Otile would stay longer in her after sex just to make sure he made her pregnant. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t happen.

Given that they have both moved on,  Otile is now ready to knock up any ‘worthy’ woman. The singer to social media to declare that he must have a baby this year. C

Here is the post.

Good luck Obunga.

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