Otile Brown And Vera Sidika Are Officially Back Together

Otile Brown And Vera Sidika Are Officially Back Together

otile brown vera sidika back together
These two are now playing with us.

So, after their nasty breakup, Otile Brown and Vera Sidika are now back together. People had speculated that the two were about to reunite when Otile traveled to Dubai just a few days after Vera flew there to celebrate their birthday.

And reunite they did. Otile surprised fans by posting a picture of himself together with Vera and the caption was ‘MINE.’ Check out the photo below:

Vera Sidika Otile Brown back together

As expected, people had mixed feelings about this. Some were happy for them while some lambasted the couple for playing with us.

I mean, is this even real or is it just a show? Maybe the two never even broke up in the first place. Or maybe they never even dated in the first place. What if they are just using each other to gain showbiz mileage?

And if it’s indeed real, I have one question for Otile, “How do you get back together with a woman who aborted your baby?  You must be really desperate.” No man in his right senses would do that.

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