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Offset’s Side Chic Offers Apology To Cardi B For Ruining Her Marriage (Video)

Cardi B
Heh! Some people will never see heaven.

Barely 24 hours after Cardi B announced the end of her marriage with Offset and already third parties are coming out of the woodwork.

Summer Bunny, a woman who Offset allegedly tried to arrange a threesome with, has apologised to Cardi B.

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So far, numerous screenshots of texts and direct messages between the Migos rapper and models Summer Bunni and Cuban Doll in which he tried to arrange a threesome were leaked online.
And now Summer has said she is “very sorry” for any part she had to play in the split and insisted she never wanted to “break up” a family.


In a video she sent to TMZ, she said: “No, I have not spoken to Cardi B, but I would like to her know that I’m a very genuine person and I’m not here to break up her family or mess up what she has going on with her husband.
“I’m very sorry that this has happened and I’m very sorry that I didn’t think about my worth as a young lady, and I just hope that she can overcome this.
“I know that her and Offset do have love for each other, I can tell , so I just hope that with this she can just focus on her love for Offset.”


Watch the video of the side chic apologizing:

This apology is so fake, she wanted to get more followers and become famous and she achieved just that!

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