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6 Nicholas Sparks Movies Will Make You Join Tinder To Find Love

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Romantics worldwide unite!

If you are a living female who is an avid reader then you probably know what we are talking about. For all those who do not even perceive who Nicholas Sparks is then we are jealous because you will get to experience the love and loss he expresses in his novels anew.

What makes the experience even greater is the fact that his books often get turned into movies just so that you are given a clearer image of all the emotions expressed in ink.

For us die-hard fans, we can all agree that all his films were beautiful but the following take the crown;

1. The Notebook.

This is by far the greatest love story ever told! That overcomes all hurdles put in front of it. Love that is so strong it stands the test of time. If you have not watched it, please! Abeg! Watch it!

The Notebook

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2. A Walk To Remember.

There is nothing as beautiful as your first love, it is so strong and pure nobody can contest it. This is exactly what A walk to remember is about love between young people that teaches them how to grow up and see that there are more important things in life.

a walk to remember

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3. The Last Song.

This is by far the best performance ever given by Miley Cyrus ever! This coming of age movie will tug at your heartstrings all through. It is about dealing with love and loss in the family.

The Last Song

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4. The Choice.

This is a movie about exercising patience and realizing that your spouse is a very important aspect of your life.

The Choice

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5. Dear John.

In this film starring Channing Tatum, he shows us how to practise patience with mentally ill relatives as well as waiting for love.

Dear John

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6. Safe Haven

This was a story about finding love after overcoming an abusive marriage.

Safe Haven

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Which of these is your favourite?

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