"He Didn't Want Me To Work Or Study" Khaligraph's Ex Girlfriend Opens Up

“He Didn’t Want Me To Work Or Study” Khaligraph’s Ex Girlfriend Opens Up

khaligraph cashy
Image source: Classic 105

Miss Cashy has accused ex-boyfriend Khaligraph Jones of being a toxic lover during their relationship. Apparently, he mistreated her continuously and in the end, she had no choice but to leave him.

She also claims that she did not cheat on the rapper unlike what many people thought. She actually implied that Khaligraph was the one doing the cheating.

The most shocking claim was that Khaligraph didn’t want her to go to school to further her studies. He didn’t want her to work either or pursue her rap career. Alitaka akae tu happy.
Apparently, after walking away from her relationship, Khaligraph and his team went on to threaten her. Take a look at the screenshots from some of her Instagram stories below: