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7 Things Our Kenyan Moms Considered Fashionable That We Might Not Want To Wear Now

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Every girls has at one time been criticized by their mother over her fashion choices.

You would have listened if your mother’s pictures from back when she was your age didn’t look like something out of a fashion horror film.

Although fashion designers keep improving on the same fashion trends your mother wore, we have to thank the lucky stars that some styles are a bit more understated. But then life is a cycle and your kids will probably look at you funny when you rave on about those skinny jeans you now love so much.

That said, as we peruse through our mothers’ old album we keep wondering what the hell they were thinking buying these ridiculous getups.


1. These shoulder pads used to make women look like American football players. Why would anyone want to make women look like broad shouldered construction workers?


2. Those times your mum came home looking like her hair was fried in butter. Curly kit was the it hairstyle love it or not. Needless to say the curls were popping!


3. Pams (pumps)- We recently discovered that when our mothers used to say “niletee pams zangu za black” she actually meant pumps. Ha! Looking at them now they look like a cobbler’s worst nightmare.


4. At least we can heave a sigh of relief for bell bottoms because your mum actually looked cool in them as a young lady walking about town with her similarly bell bottomed girlfriends. This style remains a classic to this day. Remember hipsters?


5. A look at your mum’s wedding photos and this is the style of dress she probably wore in the most blinding white satin. You might be wondering why she didn’t pick the mermaid dress, no! they weren’t quite there yet.


6. Years before MAC, Milani, Lóreal etc  all your mother had in the name of makeup was baby powder and lipstick. Specifically the green lipstick that used to change colour when applied. Who can forget that?


7. Back in the day, your ‘lady’ status would be revoked if you did not a kamisi (Petticoat). The effrontery of walking around without a curtain around your privates was highly criticized. Fast forward to 2017, what’s a petticoat?

What other fashion trend did we miss? Share your stories below!

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