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Modern Family Vs Black-ish; Which Show Is The Funniest? (Vote)

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Which show will it be?

We all have watched either one if not both of these hilarious dysfunctional family shows. They are so good in such a way that we all see our lives through their eyes in different episodes.

Modern Family and Black-ish are those shows that you can watch with your whole family and have a hoot. Let’s not forget that you do not have to worry about┬áscenes of a sexual nature popping up and┬ámaking the whole experience tense and uncomfortable.

1. Modern Family.

This is a show that analyzes the makings of an American family in modern times. It compiles different types of families ranging from the normal mother-father family, the homosexual family and the way older father and way younger wife.

This whole family’s antics with all their children combined was the making of a hilariously relatable masterpiece.

Modern Family

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2. Black-ish.

Dre Johnson and wife Rainbow Johnson have a beautiful black family living in one house. They have five children together and live with Dre’s mother and father. Together they give us the experience of being a well-off black family in America, working in all white companies and being in majorly white schools.

This show explains the black experience in America in such a way that even we Kenyans can relate.


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