"I Am Going To Expose Him", Miss Cashy Declares War On Khaligraph

“I Am Going To Expose Him”, Miss Cashy Declares War On Khaligraph

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Image source: Classic 105
Looks like Khaligraph might be about to be hit with some DK Kwenye Beat type of drama.

Yes, Khaligraph Jones might just be the latest artiste to hit the headlines in a negative manner. His ex-girlfriend Miss Cashy is hinting that she is about to expose the rapper’s abusive tendencies. Perhaps it’s time to buy some popcorn stock

The two former lovebirds blessed us with the hit record “Micasa Sucasa” and everyone fell in love with them. However, they broke up in unclear circumstances, with Cashy even going ahead to get a baby with another man.

Cashy has now come out to imply that she left because Khaligraph might have been abusing her physically and emotionally.

| AHEM.. |Happy 2019 Fam!! I would like to touch on a few topics, on this post and the next few coming up. Sensitive topicsImage source: Classic 105 that a lot of you have sent me questions about over the past year. There have been rumours, guesses, random stories here and there, most of which are terribly untrue, and some just plain hilarious.

Apparently, she will release a new song on Feb 12 which will address everything. Khaligraph must be pissing in his pants right now.,

I’ve seen some of them, still I remained generally untriggered, you know, because the Zen life chose me. If you know Cashy, then you know that huwa sina haraka na life, I compete with absolutely no-one and I move at whichever pace feels alright with me, regardless. I took the time I needed to grow and free myself of a certain past that I can now openly share.


I’ll talk about how and why I seemingly ‘stopped’ doing music, (and yaani I can really rap btw  I’ll be real about why I CHOSE TO LEAVE a certain relationship, I’ll discuss physical abuse, financial manipulation, emotional abuse, slander and threats on my life + wellbeing…etc. I’ll talk about what I’ve seen as a woman in a certain place with certain people. Not because I have to, but because it is VERY IMPORTANT to do so, especially in the kind of society and world we live in now. Nitakuwa mtrue sana na hizo zote.

I personally can’t wait. I hoe Khaligraph won’t threaten her and prevent her from releasing the song.

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