Khaligraph's Ex Miss Cashy Gave Birth And Penned This Sweet Message

Khaligraph’s Ex Miss Cashy Gave Birth And Penned This Sweet Message

Khaligraph Jones Miss Cashy
We were sad when Miss Cashy and Khaligrph broke up but it looks like she’s happy.

Cashy whose real name is Karimi Muriungi gave birth recently. A few months ago, it was reported that Cashy was pregnant but Khaligraph was not the father.

Khaligraph was the first to state that he was no longer dating Cashy, He even posted photos cuddling with other women – a sad ending to the couple that had been dating for five years.

Cashy’s baby.

Miss Cashy baby

Cashy is said to have given birth about two weeks ago She kept it a secret until two days ago when she shared a pic of the baby’s feet. She added the following message:

Looks like we made it, look how far we’ve come my baby. Xo, you’re everything I hoped for. You awoke a celestial kind of strength in me; and entire levels of pure love. You made my soul brand new..then got me upgraded! It was all completely worth it. I’m so excited to have started a life with you, my perfect little hero. Here’s to forever. Footprints all over my heart #week2 #grateful #HappyFeet #MadeInMommy #CameThruBlessed

That’s a mother’s love right there.

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