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Mansion To Castle: See Where Meghan Lived Before She Got Married (Photos)

Meghan Markle mansion
It’s been 2 weeks since the royal wedding.

Meghan Markle has already begun her duty as Duchess of Sussex accompanying the queen to various official royal functions like she wasn’t just an actress in her past life.

You may still be wondering what her life was like before she met Prince Harry as she went on about her daily life filming scenes for the hit series Suits. Well, she used to live alone in Toronto Canada where the series was being filmed for the most part, in a 3 bedroom house which she had previously shared with her ex-husband Trevor Engelson. From the pictures, we must say that she was living lavish but comfortable. See for yourself below:

From the outside, it looks pretty simple but decent regular one story home

Meghan mansion

Source: Instagram/MegsMarkle

The kitchen is clean, minimal but with modern appliances. from all the white cabinets and floors, we can tell she’s definitely a clean freak.

Meghan Markle Mansion

Source: Instagram/MegMarkles

The living room and bedroom all have the same pristine vibes but notice how her pillow covers on the couch are of the British flag…she knew what she wanted and went for it!

Meghan Markle mansion

Source: Instagram/MegMarkles

The backyard had enough room for her dogs to play, unfortunately, she could only take one pet to England

Meghan Markle mansion

Source: Instagram/MegMarkles

Well, it seems like much of her old life is in the distant past but we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this new journey, some babies maybe?

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