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5 Matching Couple Outfits You Can Wear To The Safaricom Jazz Lounge

Matching Outfits For Couples, Zumi Kenya
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The Safaricom Jazz Lounge is back again.

And it’s not just about music.  The Safaricom Jazz Lounge is a vehicle for charity too. It offers a transformative value on the Ghetto Classics Programme. This is a community-based programme that aims to transform lives of over 1,400  children in Nairobi.

The programme uses music education to provide the youth with opportunities to better themselves and their communities, equipping them with skills in live music performance as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty that many of them are born into.

The programme also provides them with income generating opportunities and has been supported by proceeds from the Safaricom International Jazz Lounge since 2014. So by attending the Safaricom Jazz Lounge, you are making a huge contribution to society as a whole.

Globally acclaimed American Jazz Performers Dianne Reeves and Marcus Miller will headline the upcoming Safaricom Jazz Lounge on the nights of 18th to 20th October 2018. The event will take place at Uhuru Gardens.

Don’t miss out. And what better way to attend than by showing up with bae as you both rock matching outfits? Check out some of the following that you can try.

1. Funky matching outfits.

Young Kenyan couples can go for similar tees in funky prints and striking costumes of the denim pants or shorts as well. They can totally match their sneakers as well to have that cool couple look.

Black Couple Matching Outfits


2. Red invasion.

Red is the color of love and there’s no doubt that this red invasion outfit will make you stand out as a couple. The guy’s top is quite similar to the lady’s dress and this makes it even more adorable.

black couple matching outfits


3. Bohemian style matching attire.

Cool couples can have matching Boho outfits in prints like floral and patterns. Also, they can add specific accessories like long chains and cool rings to enhance their style statement

bohemian style


4. Colored hoodie, matching jeans and brown boots.

Couples can twin up their hoods with ripped denim jeans and stylish embroidered sneakers.

matching swag


5. Matching plaids.

Another of the other best and chic ideas is the matching Burberry Plaid Shirts like this couple. Their outfit is presenting a real matching couple goal in a cool and cool and casual way.

matching plaids

Get a matching outfit with bae today and make sure you stand out at the Safaricom Jazz Lounge.

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