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Let’s Be Honest, This Barak Jacuzzi Diss Track Is Lit

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September is proving to be the month of hip-hop celebrity beef and diss tracks. After Cardi b and Nicki Minaj’s battle and Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track releases, Kenya is joining in on the hate wave.

Roughly two weeks ago, Kenyan rappers TnT (TwennyEights and Timmy Blanco) and Barak Jacuzzi were in an altercation.

Source: Instagram

The fight was simply because TnT did not like the fact that Barak didn’t put some ‘respeck’ on their name after being asked in two separate occasions whether he would collab with the rap duo. To which he replied ‘WHO?!’ Safe to say TnT caught major feelings.

Source: Instagram

TnT pulled up to Barak’s house and assaulted him while filming the ordeal then posting it on social media. Barak, later on, made a statement calling them ‘Clout chasers‘ and turned them into the police.

Side note: We really don’t think TnT caused any harm to Barak because, after the jump, Barak was not even hurt. Those punches were like pats on a back.

Anyway, TnT released a diss track on the 17th of September and we have to say! It actually has bars! Where they lacked in physical assault they have made up for in mental and emotional assault.

You don’t believe us? Just listen.

However, Barak we beseech you to put these petty fellas in their place, what they did was wrong so, kindly fight fire with fire give us your diss track.

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