Kigeugeu! Avril Reveals Face Of Baby After Vowing To Never Do So

Kigeugeu! Avril Reveals Face Of Baby After Vowing To Never Do So

Avril Parents magazine
Why won’t she stick to her word?

A few months ago, Avril insisted that she would never reveal her son’s face. She said that she wanted her son to live a simple life without being pushed to unrealistic expectations by his mum’s fans. Avril opened up saying;

I want M to have a simple life, without the pressure of being compared to or being set for unrealistic expectations because he is my son. When he is old enough and chooses the public light for himself, then that’s okay. Until then it’s a no for me.

She also claimed that she has refused big endorsements aiming to use her son as a brand ambassador because she doesn’t want him to be out there.

Avril Parents magazine

Many parents post stories, photos, and videos of their kids on social media because they’re proud of their families and they want to stay connected with relatives and friends. Social media is also useful for getting advice and feeling less alone, as parenting can be challenging!

Avril had vowed to not go that route but it seems she is now a Kalonzo without a firm position. She surprised her fans by unveiling the face of the baby for the very first time.

There is the pic.
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