I Have More Than 15 Kids - Oga Obinna

I Have More Than 15 Kids – Oga Obinna

Oga Obina Comedian Kenya
Call him ‘Father Of The Nation’.

Comedian Oga Obinna has revealed that he has sired more than 15 children. I bet he has never heard of a latex thing called a condom. He must be living in the bush.

The comedian recently surprised his wife on her birthday by buying her a brand new ride. He first treated ter to dinner before surprising her with the Toyota.

Oga Obina Comedian Kenya

Source: Ogaobinna/ Instagram

Two days ago, he had an interview with Radio Jambo’s, Massawe Japanni, where he revealed that he has a whole football team plus substitutes out there. Fadda Lord!

I am a father of about 15 kids. Some I have doubted whether they are mine but I think they are mine.

Hmmm. Maybe he might be joking but the grapevine has it that the comedian does indeed hop around beds. So, this figure might be factual.

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