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Khaligraph Jones Speaks Out After Receiving Backlash For Defending Kenyan Artists

khaligraph Jones
Image source: Instagram/Khaligraph Jones
This is the energy we need in 2019.

This is also the year that we will ask for what we deserve. Recently, Khaligraph let Kenyans know that he was dissatisfied with the little airplay some very talented Kenyans artists get on local radio stations. Instead, he stated that the radio stations chose to play Nigerian music leaving our artists with little means to get their music out there.

So far, radio stations have disputed Khaligraph’s claims and this seems to have struck a nerve with the seasoned rapper. In an Instagram post, he made the situation clear saying:

To Everyone who thinks am complaining cause I want my songs to get Airplay on Radio then you are totally wrong, I am good and my music is doing well with or without radio airplay, kindly understand that this fight is for your little brother or cousin or friend or even your child who will want to be a musician in the coming future.


When I see some Kenyan people saying that Kenyan Artists lack content in their music and shouldn’t complain about not getting airplay, I weep, do you know the amount of talent that Is out here and barely makes it to the radio cause of how the system is currently structured? Ata kama hamtacheza Khaligraph tafadhalini let’s fix the Industry for a better tomorrow, play local content on radio, wacheni siasa, trip slots are still open, vacation nitalipia, meanwhile let me eat jollof and ofufu, Nigeria inanibamba mbaya.. 😂😂#respecttheogs


Truer words have never been said, this disregard for local talent has gone on for way too long.

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