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Khaligraph Gifts His Manager A Brand New Car For His Birthday (Photos)

Khaligraph’s steady rise in the industry is unparalleled.

However, one thing that stands out is the fact that he always gives credit where it’s due. He is not too high and mighty to thank those who have helped him get to the top. A while back he let people know that Kenya’s hip-hop OG Abbas Kubaff was the first person who helped him get his name out.

Recently, Khaligraph’s manager celebrated his birthday and he got a befitting gift from him. Khaligraph let people know what a huge role his manager has played in his career saying:

Khaligraph Jones Manager

Source: Instagram/Khaligraph_Jones

Today I wanna Give a special Thank You to My longtime friend and partner/Manager @shirekuli for his massive input in my Career, from the days of High school all we had was a dream and now gradually, God is Blessing us Everyday and taking us to higher levels.

We had no clue of how this music thing works but everyday we learn, As You are about to Celebrate Your Birthday, I hand over this Logbook and this car to you and wish You nothing but the best in the Coming future, Blu Ink to the world, All My Niggas Put in Work. Is Now On Youtube. 

This is so nice of him, a pure example of good karma.

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