"I Am Kiherehere But He Is Laid Back", Kate Actress Reveals More About Hubby

“I Am Kiherehere But He Is Laid Back”, Kate Actress Reveals More About Hubby

kate actress phil karanja
Image source: True Love
If you are in a bad relationship, you probably shouldn’t read this because you’ll be totally jealous.

Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress ranks high in many people’s lists of favorite celebrities. There is something about her that just appeals to a lot of people.

Away from public life, she is a dedicated wife. She got married to her director husband Phil Karanja back in 2017 in a lavish wedding ceremony that we were not invited.

Kate Actress Phil Karanja

source: True Love

The couple apparently met on Mother-in-law’s set where Phil was the director. They say you shouldn’t mix work with pleasure but these two did and it ended well.

While speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani recently. Kate revealed more details about her hubby Phil. She said:

That man is a man, organization, goals yaani kila kitu…leadership and then he is not kiherehere yaani he is just laid back and that’s my type. A laidback man, you never know what to expect. I think I’m too hyper so he lets me be me…I feel safe and I trusted him with my dreams and I still trust him with my dreams.

Yes!  I agree. Sisi wanaume wenye tunaitwa Philtnakuanga wazuri sana.

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