Here's What Kamene Goro Feels About People Who Keep Trolling Her

Here’s What Kamene Goro Feels About People Who Keep Trolling Her

Kamene Goro
She’s not letting them win.

NRG radio presenter Kamene Goro hasn’t had an easy public life this year. First, she was trolled heavily after she posted pictures of herself in lingerie. Then she was recently trolled again after she revealed she has slept with 27 men.

But does she care? She does but she isn’t going to let her critics win. This past week, she posted another image of herself in lingerie while swimming at the rooftop pool of the Radisson Blu hotel.

In order to gag the haters, she disabled the comment section. Smart move. Whoever has something to say about her can keep it to themselves.

plus size lingerie kenya

Source: Kamene Goro

She was asked about it by Kiss FM and this is what she had to say:

Because of the way people talk. People have such negative vibes, everyone has an opinion. Sometimes I don’t want to know what people think. Another reason is that I don’t want to pit people against each other. I have a lot of guys who support me, they are teamkamene and I don’t want them to have a fight with other people who are all about negativity. Sometimes they beef in the comments. I don’t want to encourage that culture and I don’t want my fans to rough it out with haters.

And what does she think about the negative comments she keeps getting on her Instagram page?

They are very funny by the way. I laugh most of the time. My reaction to everything is laughter.

What about her thoughts on the backlash she received regarding the number of men she has slept with?

I was surprised…but when backlash comes it comes. You are not allowed to accept it or reject it. It was taken out of…I don’t know…I think it is water under the bridge. It is not a thing nowadays

Stay strong Kamesh. And next time, don’t reveal such personal details.

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