I Am Tired Of Being Told To Get Married - Kalekye Mumo

I Am Tired Of Being Told To Get Married – Kalekye Mumo

kalekye mumo
Amechoka na hizo maswali

Despite being in her forties, Kalekye Mumo has insisted that she is no rush to get married. That’s right. She still wants to take her time and find a good man.

The TV host has revealed that she fears facing her family during the coming December holidays. This is because the same old “utaolewa lini?” song will come up.

Source: Instagram/KalekyeMumo

Kalekye lamented how she always has trouble explaining herself to relatives who keep on wanting to know when she will tie the knot. Maybe just avoid going to ocha?

She further explained that some women take long to get married nowadays because it is a ‘forever decision’ and they just do not want to marry anyone for the sake of it. That makes sense.

Kalekye has always been secretive about her dating life. No one has ever known who she is dating at any given point. If only more celebs were like that. But wait, if they were like that, tungekosa vitu za kuandika.

Here’s her post

Take your time mamiii!

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