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This Is Joey Muthengi’s Next Destination After Leaving Citizen TV

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Girl’s got some plans.

Joey Muthengi is no longer an employee of Royal Media Services. She handed her resignation last week and also made her final appearance on ’10 over 10′.

Joey apparently quit due to differences with her employers over her gig with Betin. Apparently, Royal Media Services (RMS) sees Betin as a competitor and they don’t want their employee working for a competitor.  RMS owns betting site You now see where the conflict is coming from?

She is said to be earning between Sh6 million to Sh8 million from Betin, so she figured that the best option was to quit her job instead of quitting her high paying endorsement deal. We cannot blame her.

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Source: @Joeymuthengi

Many have been speculating that Joey is dating footballer Mariga but she has insisted their relationship is only professional. Ama she is just hiding things?

Regarding her next move, Joey revealed to The Nairobian that she’ll continue working with the legendary footballer and is planning to move to Milan, Italy very soon.

Mariga is a cool person. I am fond of him. I will be moving to Italy in January and I guess time will tell what next.


I don’t know where this (relationship) will take us. Ask Mariga. But we will see what becomes of it. Unfortunately, I just felt that what I was going to do with life did not coincide with what Citizen TV had for me. Besides, I had a good time there and I will miss everyone, especially my fans.

We wish you all the best Joey. Alafu si you share with us those millions? Wink! Wink!

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