Janet Mbugua Looks Marvelous In These Black And White Baby Bump Pics – ZUMI

Janet Mbugua Looks Marvelous In These Black And White Baby Bump Pics

Janet Mbugua Baby Bump Fashion Jumpsuits Style Kenya Zumi
Janet Mbugua is almost giving birth and we are thrilled for her.

The former Citizen TV news anchor is set to deliver her second child anytime this month. Her due date is apparently in the last week of September.

In a past Vlog, Janet disclosed that she was looking forward to pushing her baby this time after delivering her firstborn son through cesarean section.

She also revealed that she somehow feels ‘disloyal’ to her first-born son (Huru) by bringing another child into the family. It’s usually quite normal to have such fears, especially if parenting one such has been difficult enough. Either way, with dedication and love, parents always manage to go about this business easily.

They say being a first-time mom is exciting but being a second-time mom might come with mixed feelings. We are sure she will do just fine.

The former TV girl recently posted ‘black and white’ pics of her baby bump and goddamn. She looks so good. You just have to see the photos for yourself

1. Like royalty.
Janet Mbugua

Source: Instagram


2. Angelic.
Janet Mbugua baby bump

Source: Instagram

We can’t wait to see the baby’s face when it arrives.

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