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“I Went Into Labor For 12 Hours” Janet Mbugua Recalls Difficult Childbirth

Janet Mbugua birth
Labor is always difficult for most women but some have it harder.

Janet Mbugua is one of those women who hard it harder. The former tv girl delivered her second child, Mali, September 17th 2018.

Janet was forced to have her baby through c-section although she had wished for a normal delivery. And even after delivering, she had a health scare and was forced to undergo surgery once again.

Source: Instagram/janetmbugua

In one of her recent vlogs, she narrated how labor was difficult for her::

This time round mali wasn’t breech, in fact he was in a great position. I went into labour I was ready to have that vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean), I was so excited to push… and I labored for about 11 hours but I wasn’t dilating. I was like one centimeter and it was not moving, and at the time I was 11 going into 12 hours of labour… I was still at one centimeter dilated. Everybody was just like ‘look let’s not force it, let’s have the c-section.

She added:

It wasn’t what I wanted but I just wanted to do what was best for the baby that’s why I didn’t manage to do the vbac. Again walk with your doctor on this journey, this is mine. If you are able to do a vbac, man props to you because I think having the baby naturally is the goal. It’s not to say when you do a c-section.

Always be thankful if you had a smooth childbirth.

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