Here's The Crazy Thing Jalang'o Did Just For Love

Here’s The Crazy Thing Jalang’o Did Just For Love

Love can make people do crazy things.

Jalang’o is one of those people who did something crazy for love when he was younger. I also did something crazy but sitaambia watu.

Comedian Jalang’o has revealed that his first ever visit to Nairobi was to see a girl. And guess what? He only stayed for four hours then he went back.


He said:

I came to Nairobi first when I was in High School…I came in for 4 hours and went back. I used to live in the village so I just saw her and went back.

Imagine someone traveling all the way from Nyanza just to see bae. And some people here give excuses for not traveling from one estate to the other in Nairobi.

What’s the craziest thing you have done for love? Did you travel from Mombasa to Kisumu? Did you give bae all your salary? Tell us.

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