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Is The Kansoul’s New Song Disrespectful To Women? We Think So

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The Kansoul recently released a new song called Pikoko Lithim but we have a few problems with it.

The song has cool South African sounding beatings but the lyrics are quite bizzare. Surely, they could have sang about better things with that beat. Such a waste!

To put it simply, Pikoko is full of misogyny mixed with looks-shaming and outright disrespect. I mean, these established artistes went to the studio and decided that this was the best material they could come up with?

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Part of the song goes like this:

Huyo dem anaringa na sura imechapa!. Anakaa tu handisome, sura yake handisome. Maringo achia Pikoko (Peacock), kuringa achia pikoko (Peacock). 

In Pikoko, The Kansoul sound like one of those guys who try hitting on a chick then when she refuses, they go on to insult her. The guys who say things like ‘unaringa na hata hauna haga” I am sure every lady has encountered one of those,

Isn’t it natural for women to play hard to get at least? A woman cannot just be easy with every guy who tries to hit on her. She has to ringa. Calling a girl ugly (handsome) because she is playing hard to get is very ungentlemanly.

Plus, in real life, such words usually destroy a woman’s self-esteem. Every woman needs to walk around knowing that she’s beautiful in her own unique way. We can’t have grown men calling women ‘handsome.’

Watch the video below:

What do you think about the song?

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