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Here’s Why East Africa’s Got Talent Episode 2 Blew Our Minds

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To say we are pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

We have all been tuning in to America and Britain’s Got Talent for the longest time and now that we finally have our own, it’s Game On!

If you thought East Africa was talent starved then you need to watch Episode Two of East Africa’s Got Talent. From the opening act Kimya Kimya, to the brother-sister duo Ezekiel and Esther from Uganda it’s safe to say that we are ready to take on the world!

Highlights from Episode 2 of East Africa’s Got Talent

Source: YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent

Perhaps the most soul-touching moment was at minute 5:02 when self-taught guitarist Mark Angachi belted out that song from the bottom of his stomach. We’ve got to hand it to Safaricom. They seem bent on impacting the arts across East Africa, even beyond all the work they’ve done for Kenyan music and the arts as a whole.

But did you see Uganda’s David Kagwe beatbox for his life?

Best believe we are ready for the next episode which drops on Sunday on your local TV. Those of you who don’t know what TV schedules are can catch the episode on the East Africa’s Got Talent YouTube channel. Bundles this time aren’t an issue: Next time you top up your bundle on *544#, choose Number 1 and pick your “All In One Bundle“. The great thing about them is whatever your budget is for voice and data, all bundles come with free 5GB for all your YouTube viewing pleasure!

We can’t wait to see what the lovely host of the show, Ms Anne Kansiime will be up to next week. Please, when your done, head over to ZUMI’s YouTube Channel and check out our new motherhood show! Make sure you maximize that free 5GB!

Featured Image via YouTube/EastAfrica’sGotTalent