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Here’s A List Of Demands Diamond’s Estranged Father Wants Him To Fulfill

Diamond's father
There’s nothing that affects a child’s life like an absentee parent.

All the things that Diamond has done to Hamisa’s son before he decided to step up are a culmination of his past that came back to haunt him. We all know that Diamond’s mother Sandrah raised her son on her own. Although the father has made an appearance a few times, it still does not make up for the time he wasn’t around.

Diamond's father

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Diamond has made it clear that he wants little to do with his old man and the love and adoration he showers his mother is proof of that. In a recent interview, however, Diamond’s dad had a message for his son, he expressed that he needs help with a few things. Watch the video below to find out exactly what:

Well, this is a tricky situation, a lot of people would question why Diamond is not supporting his father but only people with absentee fathers will know exactly why.

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