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Here’s 5 Shocking Things Tanzanians Have Unearthed About Wema’s Scammer “Future Husband”

Wema sepetu
Social media sometimes has its advantages.

Although people like to display perfectly curated aspects of their lives, every once in a while, some are outed for the true versions of themselves that they hid from the public.

When Wema introduced us to her future bae we were all shook, her ex Diamond included. Now barely 2 weeks later, people have found out just how pretentious her bae is. The government has been involved, Wema has apologized and banned from doing films indefinitely.

Source: Instagram/Shilawadu

People have been wondering exactly who this man is that has managed to turn Wema’s world upside down in just days. Trust Tanzanian’s to act faster than the FBI because here are a few things they have¬† discovered:


  1. His real name is Patrick, he uses Pck as his Instagram handle to scam people
  2. He has already scammed Wema out of Tzsh.40 million from her current film
  3. He has a reputation of scamming women, he converted to Islam and married a woman in Dubai with whom he has a family.
  4. He claims to be Rwandese but is actually from Tabora in Tanzania.
  5. He likes filming women in compromising sexual positions and has done it to other women before and blackmailed them.


Well, Wema just needs to cleanse herself of this con artist. She needs to rely on her gift of discernment because this men out here are all about themselves.

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