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Here Are Photos Of Eddie Murphy’s 9 Children From 5 Baby Mamas!

What in the!

54-year-old Eddie Murphy is definitely one man who graced our TV screens with awesome classic movies like The Nutty Professor, Coming To America and The Haunted Mansion.

There’s more to the man, as he is almost successful in creating a whole complete football team!

eddie murphy kids

Source: Yahoo

He has been blessed with  3 sons and six daughters and is expecting an addition to the family from five different baby mamas! Here they are;

1. Bria Murphy
Bria Murphy

Source: wikiFeet

2. Zola Ivy Murphy
Zola Ivy Murphy

Source: Listal

3. Miles Mitchell Murphy
Miles Mitchell Murphy

Source: Essence

4. Angel Iris Murphy
5. Izzy Oona Murphy
6. Christian Murphy
 Christian Murphy

Source: Pinterest

7. Eric Murphy
8. Shayne Audra Murphy
Shayne Audra Murphy

Source: Loudest Gist

9. Bella Zahra Murphy

Eddie Murphy clearly took the scripture that says, ‘multiply and fill the earth’ to heart and is only exercising God’s will. However, 5 different women?? Damn Eddie!

Would you be with a man who has all that loving to give?

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