People Should Stop Asking When I'll Get A Baby - Kambua

People Should Stop Asking When I’ll Get A Baby – Kambua

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Amechoka kusumbuliwa!

Gospel singer and Tv presenter Kambua rarely talks about her personal life and whenever she does, it means things are serious. The gorgeous star has come out to clarify a few things about her marriage.

Kambua’s marriage has always been on the spotlight ever since she got married to Jackson Mathu who is way older than her. In fact, a lot of people have always claimed that he is too old for Kambua.

Another criticism Kambua has faced is being in a childless marriage for so long. This is pissing her off more than anything else.

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In an interview with Salon Magazine, she said:

People will have an opinion over everything, over children. Today I saw a comment and deleted it because this guy commented on my Instagram and he says ‘When are you going to get pregnant, you’re getting old.

Kambua also said that she’s happily married and her husband is not a pastor like many people think.

All I can say is that I married the right man. I fell in love with him because he knew what he wanted and he went for it. I am enjoying my marriage and I look forward to many happy years with him. And he’s not a pastor like people think. He is just a businessman.

Wow! That’s new. We’ve always known he was a pastor.

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