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Here Is Why Emmy Kosgei Hasn’t Had Kids With Her Nigerian Husband

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Wondering why Emmy Kosgei hasn’t had kids despite married for a while? 

Not sure if her reason is a valid one but it’s an interesting one nevertheless. Emmy says that she is very open to having kids with her husband in the future but she is in no rush to do so because marriage for her was not just to produce kids.

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In an interview with Parents Magazine, she said:

I didn’t get married just because I wanted to have kids. Relationships are about unions and destinies. If you are attached to the wrong person, it can affect your destiny permanently. I’m also very busy but yes, I do hope to have my own children one day. 

Currently, Emmy is a loving step-mum to her pastor husband’s Anselm Madubuko’s, three children, Velma, Sandra and Anselm Jr.

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And there are no issues between her and the kids. They all coexist very peacefully.

My step-children respect me and call me mum. I don’t take it for granted.

That’s a good thing because normally, stepmoms don’t tend to get along so well with their step-children.  We’re glad that Emmy is doing that just fine.

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