12 Photos That Prove Elani's Wambui Has The Cutest Eyes Ever

12 Photos That Prove Elani’s Wambui Has The Cutest Eyes Ever

elani wambui
The eyes of an angel.

Elani’s Wambui is a hottie. Her beauty shines above the rest. However, there’s one thing that really stands out – that’s her eyes. She has really cute eyes.

Pardon me if I sound a bit ‘fisi-ish’ but the great Karl Mistuburg once said, “Always appreciate a good thing when you see it. Whether it’s beauty, character or intelligence, it’s all good and it makes the world a joyous place to reside in.”

So today, we awe at Elani’s smile. Here are a few photos that show how cute they are:

1. Just look at them.


2. Nerdy and cute.


3. Wow!


4. Who wouldn’t fall in love?


5. Girl next door.


6. Too much prettiness in one person. 


7. Selfie time.


8. Lovely.


9. Like a fairy.


10. Just chilling.


11. She kills that nerdy look though.


12. With Brayo.

Don’t you just love her eyes?

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Featured image via Instagram/Wambui Elani