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DJ Pierra Makena Claps Back After Blogger Claims She’s Slept With Over 100 Men

DJ Pierra
It’s 2018 and men have still not learned that women have a right to do whatever they want with their bodies.

It’s pathetic that a woman’s body count has become a hot topic knowing all too well that just like their male counterparts, women’s privates were also meant to be used however they see fit.

Recently, Radio personality Kamene Goro had men collecting their jaws from the floor after she admitted to having a body count of 27 men.

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Source: Instagram

This was shocking to some because women revealing the number of men they’ve slept with is a taboo subject. In the 21st century, however, women continue to care less about what society thinks about their sexuality.

After Kamene’s story made rounds on social media, controversial blogger, frequent jail tenant and all round misogynist Cyprian Nyakundi decided to out DJ Pierra saying:

Dj Pierra baby daddy

Source: Instagram/PierraMac

Dj Pierra was classy with her clapback saying:

Aaaaaw..thanks hun for downplaying me..means a lot??I promise non of the Sponyos will take care of my babies and neither will I bring any to you to raise… I banked a lot while at it. Oh btw ??? add one more to the list made a killing last night..waking up now…?
?????wakanda forever!!!


Well, we love her reply, we are sure it’s not enough to make Cyprian jump off a cliff but nevertheless we are glad she clapped back all the same.

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