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Diamond Wishes His Son A Happy Birthday & Apologizes For Neglecting Him

Diamond son Hamisa
It seems like the Platnumz house is full of life and celebration this week.

On Monday, Diamond’s daughter Latiffah marked her third birthday and Diamond was all sweet with his message to his firstborn. We all know he’s holding a big bash for her next weekend in South Africa and we certainly cannot wait to see how it’s going to turn out. Today, his son Daylan turns one and he took to the gram to show him love, appreciation and best of all right his wrongs.

He said:

Diamond Platnumz son Hamisa

Source: Instagram/DeeDaylan

A Very Happy Birthday to the Next Platnumz…My Kitinda Mimba, Mswahili Mwenzangu, Maskini Mwenzangu…Mnyonge Mwenzangu…Mengi Uloyapitia Ukiwa mdogo, usiyejua hili wala lile yamenifanya nikupende sana na kuhakikisha nakulinda na kukutunza kwa hali yoyote ntayojaaliwa…Insha Allah Mwenyez Mungu akukuze vyema, akupe Akilu, Afya, Furaha na akubariki, Ukikua uwe Mwanamziki Kama mie baba ako, Uzidi kupendwa na ukifanikiwa uwainue Maskini wenzetu zaidi Mtaani….Happy Birthday My Handsome/ Young King / Young Lion / Young Simba / Young Dangote ?????

Well, it seems like Diamond decided to man up and own up to his mistakes. However, we just want to know if he’ll be holding an equally lit bash for his son in Tanzania.

Regardless, we know Hamisa is somewhere in her house like:



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