Could Drake's Beard Be Fake? Tell Your Sparsely Bearded Boo There's Hope! (Photos) - ZUMI

Could Drake’s Beard Be Fake? Tell Your Sparsely Bearded Boo There’s Hope! (Photos)

Don’t play yourself!

Drake has been the one guy who did a complete switcheroo of his looks from having a mop of hair at the top of his head to bringing it all the way down to his chin.

We admit, he singlehandedly made the beard swag seem so sexy! However, he was spotted with his beard seemingly slipping off his face and people on Twitter obviously hopped onto the controversial pic.

Did you know that beards also have lace frontals?

He was spotted on set filming the video for his ‘In My Feelings’ song off his album Scorpio with his beard seemingly peeling off his face.

Drake released the video for his hit ‘In My Feelings’ yesterday and it seems normal to us. What do you think?

The moral of the story is, do not look down on your sparsely bearded men, they too have a chance to acquire a luscious thick beard!

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