Chipukeezy's Ex Speaks Up For The First Time After Their Breakup

Chipukeezy’s Ex Speaks Up For The First Time After Their Breakup

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What really happened?

Comedian Chipukeezy and Empress Kerry broke up a few months ago. Most recently, he unleashed his new bae, an Instagram hottie whose name we have already forgotten.

Kerry, on the other hand, deleted all pictures of Chipukeezy on her Instagram page. The comedian explained that Kerry and him agreed to part ways after failing to agree on a couple of things.

He said:

To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba. We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people.

Empress Kerry has also addressed the issue via Instagram stories. Checkout her responses below:

Confirming they are not together.

Source: Instagram

What happened?

Source: Instagram

That was quite vague. Ni sawa tu

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