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Cheesy Films That Will Make You Miss Your Teenage Boyfriend

Teenage Films
A must watch!

OMG teenage years! This was a period of hormonal imbalance, awkward body shapes, weird acne and the spout of body hair in unwanted areas. It was utter chaos and confusion all over including in our hearts, all the emotions you can ever comprehend were there, which makes the fact that teenage heartbreaks were the worst.

If you are in the mood for all these throwback feelings then you should definitely watch these movies;

1. The Kissing Booth

This is a film about dating your childhood best friend’s brother who he feels overshadowed by. A simple plot yet very relatable, it literally makes you blush without even trying.

Born on the same day in the same hospital, Elle Evans (Joey King) and Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney)have been best friends all their lives. To protect their special relationship, the pair created friendship rules they are sworn to follow including “#9: relatives are totally off limits” especially Lee’s bad boy older brother Noah (Jacob Elordi). A romance with Noah blossoms and Elle finds herself breaking the rules and hurting Lee.

Cheesy film

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2. Candy Jar

A film about finding the joy of friendship and love in the least expected person.

It is an American comedy film about two competing high school debate champions who are trying to realize their plans to get into the colleges of their dreams.

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3. SPF-18

Who does not enjoy a good love triangle? If you do this is just the right film for you!

Penny Cooper spent years pining for the school heartthrob, Johnny Sanders Jr., before his father’s death brought them closer together. When a mysterious country musician, Ash Baker, comes to town, Penny is torn between the two.

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Watch these, we guarantee you will not get disappointed.

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