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Chandarana Supermarket Outed For Racism, Here’s The Excuse They Gave

Chandarana Supermarket
It’s 2018 and the human race has not mastered the art of peaceful coexistence yet.

We have enough problems as is but people tend to classify individuals according to societally imposed standards such as financial status, sex and race/skin colour.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Sunday evening cancelled licences for all Chandarana Foodplus supermarkets following claims of racial bias.

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Source: Citizen Digital

In a text message to newsrooms, Sonko said he had ordered his county officers to ensure enforcement of the shutdown starting today.

The reason:

A new employee in their marketing department for a recently leaked racially sensitive email. In a screenshot of the email to managers on Friday, the retail giant’s Marketing Specialist Rima Patel said,

“We are delighted to inform you that our supermarket chain, would like to give you free vouchers to winner/raffles/best performer/runners-up candidate in upcoming events. As we are now focusing on white people to attract our supermarkets.”


When the email made rounds on social media, Chandarana was quick to release a statement saying:

It’s an error committed by “one of our very new and recent hires in the marketing department.”

“Her lack of proficiency in the English language is an easy way to justify this horrendous error.”
The supermarket chain further stated that it would take the necessary steps to make sure the error never happens again.
“The immense magnitude of this error undoubtedly comes to us as a severe embarrassment and all the apologies in the world cannot make such a wrong a right again,” said the supermarket.


Well, all we have to say is that this is definitely not the first time a supermarket has displayed such racist tendencies. Remember the Carrefour incident?

What do you think? Are they being racist?

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