I Am Willing To Meet Zari And Talk - Tanasha

I Am Willing To Meet Zari And Talk – Tanasha

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Image source: Millard Ayo
She’s all about peace.

Tanasha Donna doesn’t want any smoke with Diamond’s exes. She specifically wants to be in good terms with Zari because the Ugandan has two children with Diamond.

During an interview with Kiss 100, Tanasha said that she hopes to meet Zari someday they can iron things out.

I hope that one day we will come to a place of mutual understanding because of the kids. I know this social media and stuff creates unnecessary drama to create a rift between us by comparing is but one day God willing, we shall meet and talk.

She also explained how meeting Diamond’smum for the first time felt like.

Diamond and Tanasha

Source: SDE

She said:

I was sooo scared . Oh my goodness. I almost pissed myself. She is very sweet and the interesting thing is that we share a birth date, we were both born on the same day.

Apparently, being in a relationship wiDiamondmnd has taken its toll on her too.

At the beginning of the relationship, I used to cry daily. I almost fell into depression. I do feel insecure.He told me the social media drama I’m facing is nothing compared to his past relationships. But once his fans realize he is indeed serious with our relationship, they will show their support, which I’m already seeing.

Let’s hope she won’t give up.