Zari May Need To Hire Bodyguards For His Son Raphy, Here’s Why – ZUMI

Zari May Need To Hire Bodyguards For His Son Raphy, Here’s Why

Zari son
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Oversharing on social media is a disease.

It’s just been a few weeks since a hacker took over Zari’s Instagram account, but it seems like she did not learn her lesson about social media and privacy. She recently posted a photo that had us in silent prayers because she was clearly endangering her life. She posted a series of photos of her sons describing their personality but on her second born’s she wrote something that was a bit TMI.

Zari said:

He has all my bank cards passwords?, partner in crime. Loves the Gucci life, He’d kill for me¬†

Of course, her fans were quick to warn her about the repercussions of her post saying:

mwamydebabumbogoKeep it a secret as password kos doing it will cause danger to your boy.plllz
sumajaneypherZari remember there are many African women are very very rich more than you but they don’t do what u did in the media try to learn from them and be a grown-up woman don’t act like a child keep your life private you’re not the only rich in this world am ur big funs bt for what u keep to express your life in the media it’s too childish my dear grow up
drshary_tanz@zarithebosslady¬†then they will kidnap him and tell him to expose all that to clean You up… You better be careful what you tell your 4.2… not all who follows you loves you…
Well, we hope she stops oversharing on social media, we know she meant well but this is not the kind of information you put out for over 4 million followers.
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