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Zari Says She Will Not Ask Diamond For Child Support

So now, Zari is blaming Wema Sepetu for breaking up with Diamond.

Speaking to BBC Swahili, Zari said that she was tired of all the humiliation that her 3-year-relationship with Diamond put her through.

She dumped the Tanzanian singer on Valentine’s Day after pictures of him and his ex, Wema Sepetu, went viral. The two were partying from the looks of it, getting super cozy together.

And to make things worse, Zarinah and Diamond hadn’t spoken in weeks!


According to Zari, the two hadn’t spoken in three weeks and the pictures of Chibu getting comfortable with the ex he ditched to hook up with Zari were a final nail to the coffin.

It’s hats off to this queen bee, she says that she isn’t about to demand that he pays for child support.


Zari expects Diamond to in the least be man enough and take care of his babies; Princess Tiffah and Prince Nilan, who was begotten while they were dating.

Source: YouTube

Zari has a fair share of wealth coming from her past relationship with the late Ivan Don and of course, the various brand ambassador deals that her babies have been signing.

Will Diamond take care of babies? We’re watching this space. However, if we were to consider the fact that Hamisa had to take him to court for being a dead-beat, we’re not holding our breath.

Would you take him to court if you were in Zari’s shoes?