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Wyre Is Serving Daddy Goals With This Picture Of Him And Son

wyre son
While we know everything about Wyre’s musical prowess, he’s managed to keep his private life completely away from the media.

Wyre the lovechild is one of the oldest names in the music game. No doubt he has remained a formidable force in the music industry by separating his personal life from work and keeping it 100% professional.

Fortunately, like the excitement when his son turned 7 over the weekend inspired Wyre to finally share a touching picture of him and his cub in a heart tugging embrace.

Happy Birthday (YOUNG LION). Daddy loves you.

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In a previous interview the music boss explained why he’s been keeping his family under wraps.

He said,

“My family is my pillar. They are the guys who keep me sane and level-headed. I need that unity in life. It can be really rough when you put your family out there. Its not cool for anybody to read on blogs something really bad about their family. That’s why I cherish and value them.”


And value them he does, his latest album was dedicated to his first born son whom he has previously described as a fighter and survivor like him. This is because his son’s birth was a myriad of complications that Wyre and his wife endured.

This is him and his son a few years back.

wyre son

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Out of sight, out of mind… keeping his family out of harm’s way is a media survival instinct that we can’t help but admire in the Love child. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s also refreshing to see how involved he is in his parental duties even with the demanding schedule from work.

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