Wema Sepetu’s Ex Is Worried About Her, Here’s What He Had To Say – ZUMI

Wema Sepetu’s Ex Is Worried About Her, Here’s What He Had To Say

Wema Sepetu
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It has been a rough couple of weeks for Wema Sepetu.

The Tanzanian Government did not come to play when they cracked down on all forms of nudity on social media. When Wema’s video of her making out heavily with her ‘future husband’ we knew she was bound to face the consequences.

Recently, Wema appeared in court to face the charges of posting explicit videos online and it seems like she has been laying low with regards to her social media presence ever since.

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However, it seems like one of her exes is deeply concerned about her welfare and ‘disappearance’ and it’s none other than former Big Brother Contestant Luis Munana with whom she had a relationship with for a while a few years back.

He voiced his concern via his Instagram page saying:

Unapokuwa na mahusiano na mtu basi siku zote mtaendelea kuwa na mawasiliano hata kama mkiachana. Hata kama hatuko pamoja ila ninakujali na ni matumaini yangu uko salama maana siku zote huwa nakuwazia mema na kutaka ufurahi!
Ukimya wako unanipa tabu. Ninachotaka kujua ni kwamba uko salama.
@wemasepetu Uko wapi? Kwa nini haujibu msg zangu Whatsapp & DMs? @martinkadindaofficial kuna nini kinaendelea?


We don’t know what she’s going through but at least he wants to be there at her time of need. Do you think she should call him back?

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