Another One! Wema Sepetu Has A New Bae Already (Photos) – ZUMI

Another One! Wema Sepetu Has A New Bae Already (Photos)

wema sepetu
Image source: Instagram/wema sepetu
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She doesn’t waste time this one.

It looks like Wema Sepetu cannot survive without being in a relationship. After the deep drama surrounding her and her previous boyfriend, she has moved on grabbed a new bae.

Wema Sepetu and her new boyfriend have been posting pictures of each other over the past few days. His name is Chrintony.

The lucky man took some time to praise her. He wrote:

There is no woman who was born to lose. being helpless is not to prove you are female. stand for what you believe in even though it doesn’t make you happy. the talent in you is huge my love and may god give you extra profits and may be more creative. you the best darling.

I personally think she should stop introducing these men to the world until she is sure that they are serious about her. I am pretty sure many men want to date her just because she is Wema.

The long list of men she has been with includes Steven Kanumba, TID, Diamond Platnumz, Idris Sultan. Calisah and the recent conman. What was his name?

The guy at the back ndio ‘mpenzi mtazamaji?” Lol.


Lucky dude.

Anwyway, all the best to her.

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