Wema Sepetu Found Guilty Of Drug Use & Sentenced To Jail – ZUMI

Wema Sepetu Found Guilty Of Drug Use & Sentenced To Jail

Wema Sepetu jail
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The Tanzanian government does not play!

Ever since Magufuli took control of the government it has been nothing but scandal after scandal because what people used to get away with in the past is not being swept under the rug anymore.

A few months back Wema was caught on charges of drug use. Witnesses were brought to court and they testified. Today, the court decided to deliver its verdict and all those who were caught in connection with Wema Sepetu have been released.

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Source: Jamii Halisi

However, Wema did not escape unscathed. The actress and former Miss Tanzania 2006 has been convicted on the charges of drug use and was immediately sentenced to 1 year in prison or a fine of Tshs. 2M (Kshs. 88,505)

Fortunately, Wema is a lady of means and has already been released because she paid the fine


Well, this should be a cautionary tale to every Tanzanian celebrity because the law does not pick favourites.

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