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Here’s Vera’s Advice To All Lovers After Getting Back With Otile

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Are you in a complicated relationship?

Don’t worry. Vera Sidika has some advice for you.  There are so many reasons people find complications within their relationship. There can be commitment issues, trust issues, long distance, and even abuse issues. They just don’t know how to figure out their problems and find success in the relationship.

A lot of people might say if you’re in a troubled relationship you should just get out. It’s obviously not worth it. Now, sometimes they may have a point, if it’s reached a critical point. But why is it we just can’t stay away sometimes?

Your love is blinding, that’s why. Sometimes you care so much for a person you don’t realize that maybe they don’t deserve your love. We might even stay because although things are rough now, we believe with the right help, it can be a happy and healthy relationship.

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However, staying and working it out isn’t the only option. Sometimes letting it go is the best thing to do. In fact, Vera has the perfect advice on what you should do. She took to social media to share a photo while having a good time with Otile, then wrote the following:

They say if you love someone let them go …and if they come back, it’s meant to be. Love Wins.

Vera recently got back together with Otile, triggering mixed reactions from fans.  Some were happy for them while some lambasted the couple for playing games.

The two took many by surprise after meeting up in Dubai, following their nasty breakup. Vera had accused Otile of using her to gain fame while Otile accused Vera of aborting his child.

The allegations from both sides were serious so for them to kiss and make up is really strange. But as they say, mambo ya watu wawili ni hao wenyewe wanajua.  

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