Vera Sidika Finally Confirms That Pregnancy Was A Prank, But Here's What She's Revealing (Video) - ZUMI

Vera Sidika Finally Confirms That Pregnancy Was A Prank, But Here’s What She’s Revealing (Video)

Vera Sidika pregnancy
We told you! Happy belated April Fools day.

Vera Sidika in her bid to remain relevant pulled a prank on all of us on April Fools day with news of her ‘pregnancy’. However, we have to admit that she’s a smart woman because today she’s going to get her stats up on her Youtube channel because she finally put up a video of her revealing that she was pranking us.

She explained her big reveal saying:

To my fans and foes: You may have noticed my absence these past few months and I would like to share this news with you directly and put the rumours to rest, once and for all. Welcome to a new journey a new season in my life.


She used April Fools day as the perfect strategy to launch her YouTube channel. Watch the rest of the video below to hear what she has to say:

Well, we are mad that she pranked us but we can’t wait to see the kind of content she has in store for us. Fashion, beauty, vacation vlogs? We’ll definitely be tuning in.

This is the kind of content we want to see from herĀ If You Thought Vera Sidika’s House Was Goals, Wait Till You See This Luxurious Mansion