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Playing For Keeps; Vera Sidika and Otile Brown Get Tested Together

vera sidika otile brown HIV test
Looks like Vera Sidika and Otile Brown are in this for keeps.

Their relationship has been met with a lot of skepticism as to whether they are really dating or just working together to promote Otile’s new song Vera.

Vera and Otile have been getting it on for Instagram. Otile Brown has been serenading her with compliments and dedications of love and Vera, well, she’s been basking in the arms of the super hot singer she now calls her boyfriend.

Don’t they look adorable together?
era sidika otile brown HIV test

Source: Otilebrown

Yesterday the two decided to move their relationship a notch higher and take a HIV test together. Otile took to his social media to show the results that came out negative for both.

He wrote,

“When y’all decide to randomly take a HIV test.”

vera sidika otile brown HIV test

Speaking during an interview with Radio Jambo’s Willy Mtuva, Otile confirmed that Queen Vee Bosset is actually his woman and he has serious intentions to marry her.

He said,

“Vee is my woman, she is my love and we are in a relationship. She is very smart and I have met many women but her brain is just out of this world. She is also very caring and the wedding is going to be anytime, forget about the things you hear on social media.”

No one is sure as to the timeline of their relationship but checking your HIV status together shows a level of commitment and honesty between the two that we find very adorable. Even though it should be the the first thing everyone does in a new relationship especially if you are having sex. Safety first ladies!


Maybe it’s time to accept that these guys are actually in love and this isn’t just a contractual relationship. We’re wishing them the very best.

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