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Uhuru’s Niece Nana Gecaga Opens Up On Why She’s Afraid Of Dating

Nana Gecaga
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She has a valid reason.

Uhuru Kenyatta’s famous niece Nana Gecaga has finally shed some light into her dating life. During an interview with K24’s Betty Kyallo,  she revealed that she is not in a relationship but she would be open on getting into one if she finds the right man.

She is quoted as saying:

At the end of the day, as much as you are a strong woman, a CEO doing whatever, at the end of the day you also have a heart and your only wish is that you are appreciated and that someone sees that and wants to share their life with you.

In another interview with Business Daily, Nana said that it’s difficult for her to find a genuine man because most men who meet her want to use her because of her status and connections.

Nana Gecaga

Source: Pulse Live

Her words:

I have struggled with relationships. I have had a couple of good relationships, but mostly it’s been difficult because the people have not been interested in me as a person.

So, does she regret being born in such a famous family? Absolutely not”

This is not supposed to elicit sympathy. I don’t say I wish I was not born in a family like this, the love that they provide is undisputed.

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